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Versatility 4 template packages and extensions are available in both Joomla 1.0.x and Joomla 1.5.x native versions.
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Master Your Menu Choose the perfect menu design for your site with 4 built in menu styles offering a variety of different looks to compliment your color style. You can also choose to remove the horizontal color menu entirely and utilize just side column based menu systems.
Style and Sophistication Give your site the perfect touch with 10 beautiful preset color style combinations. You can also take it to the next level with 10 module variations allowing for a plethora of color mixing and matching options to give your content the perfect presentation.
Dynamic Functionality Supercharge your content with dynamic functionality including the RokNewsRotator article slideshow module, RokSlide powered tabbed modules, RokMooMenu animated dropdowns, and much more.
The Most Versatile Versatility Ever Versatility 4 offers the most module positions and layout configurations of any template we've ever created. 45 module positions, a plethora of banner and block advertising locations, as well as up to 7 columns allow Versatility 4 to adapt to nearly any configuration you could want.

Amazingly Adaptable

Featuring the most flexible and configurable layout we've ever created, it has the ability to adapt to scores of layout configurations and arrangements.

Lean and Clean

A clean and professional design coupled with less overhead, as well as optimized code and images, give Versatility 4 lots of power along with fast page loads.

Easier Customization

CSS based colors and organized CSS code blocks, along with less images, allowing for quicker color customizations with less image editing necessary.

Tab One

10 Module Hilites

Construct the perfect assortment of color and whitespace with 10 included module variations allowing you to mix and match colors and styles for each of your blocks of content for that perfect look. Read More

Menu Styles

Choose the perfect menu design for your site with 4 built in menu styles offering a variety of unique and colorful looks to compliment your color style. You can also choose from 3 different menu modes, or disable the menu bar completely. Read More

Tab Two

45 Module Positions

Place your content exactly where you need it with 45 incredibly versatile module positions. Mix and match module positions to create unending layout possibilities ranging from a clean single column page to 7 columns of modules and multiple tiers of content. Read More

Header and Footer Control

Take full control of your site layout with built in configuration options to have both your header and / or footer either wrapped at the same width as the page, or full width spanning the entire browser window. Both the header and footer can be set to wrapped or unwrapped independently.

Tab Three

Multi-Position Tabbed Modules

Versatility 4 features the flexible Rokslide tabbed modules system, allowing for a total of 10 module based tabs. Each tab can contain multiple modules published to that position. You can also change the location of the tabbed modules block, with 5 different locations to choose from for maximum flexibility.

Tab Four

RokNewsRotator Module

The RokNewsRotator module returns offering a dynamic way to present your important content articles in a controllable slideshow fashion. Built in styling, image support, navigation controls, and a wide assortment of configuration options allow you to fine tune how your important information is displayed to your users.
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IE6 Warning

We have included a script that will display a message to IE6 users advising them to upgrade to a more secure browser version. This is not enabled by default, but can easily be turned on or off with a toggle in the template index.php. When enabled, users visiting your site with IE6 only, will be able to view the message.

Icon Sets

The module hilites come with an assortment of icon sets. There are 3 with an additional option that disables all the icons. With a simple edit of the template configuration, you can quickly choose between the various icons that appear to the left side of the Module Header / Title.

No Menu?

With the theme, in addition to the standard menu options of RokMoomenu, Suckerfish, Splitmenu and module, you can select an entirely new and useful option: none. As the word suggests, the switch will turn off the integrated horizontal menu in its entirety.
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