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RokNavMenu is now an essential ingredient of the RocketTheme templates. It provides various functions which are above and beyond what the mainmenu, and the subsequent template overrides. Therefore, much more sophisticated menus can be constructed providing you with a much greater degree of usability. It is an essential install for the integrated menu systems to operate.

How do I configure RokNavMenu?

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module. There are 4 columns, parameters, options, demo and description. The parameter column lists each available setting for the module; options lists the available options to choose from; demo lists the options chosen on the demo and description outlines what the module does.


Show Title Enabled Position Menu Name Limit Levels Start Level End Level Always show submenus Menu Tag ID Menu Class Suffix Module Class Suffix Max Menu Depth Show Menu Icons Menu Icon Link


Yes : No Yes : No List of positions List of menus Yes : No Number Field Number Field Yes : No Text Field Text Field Text Field Number Field Yes : No Yes : No


No No toolbar mainmenu No 0 0 No leave blank leave blank leave blank 10 No No


Enable/Disable the module header Enable/Disable the module Position of the module Menu that is loaded Limit number of sub-levels Starting menu level Ending menu level Always show submenu items ID added to the menu code Class suffix to the menu Class suffix to the module Max number of menu levels Show menu icons Link menu icons


Important: This demo is purely for demonstrative purposes. Content displayed is showcased as sample data. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. All content cited is derived from their respective sources.

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